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Computer-assisted or Card-played

World War II Wargame

by Wittmann M. G.

Copyright © 2005 - 2015


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Panzer Combat II is a miniature wargame of World War II ground combat. The game is suitable for all scales as distances are expressed in distance units. A distance unit corresponds to the length of a medium tank like the Sherman tank, or 5 meters in real world. In 1:48 scale, which recently found renewed interest from manufactures like Tamiyatm and Gaso.linetm, a distance unit roughly corresponds to 10 cm. A wooded and hilly gaming terrain of 2 meters or more is required at this scale. The gaming terrain can be as simple as a piece of carpet with some books under it and stones on it to simulate hills and rocks. Add miniature houses, trees and painted rivers in order to improve gaming experience.


Prepare for Battle

Both players choose a country (Germany or US) and scale models to build up their country. The name and the combat data of the unit are written on playing cards. You can also create the fronts of your combat cards with the Combat Card Creator and glue them on playing cards. There are 4 combat data:

  1. Move Range: maximum distance the unit can move
  2. Anti-Personnel Fire Range: fire range for attacking infantry and unarmoured vehicles
  3. Anti-Tank Fire Range: fire range for attacking armoured vehicles
  4. Defend Value: protection value when hit by enemy fire

Each player then places his units at one side of the gaming terrain and the battle can start.


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One of the defending Tigers is in the line of sight of a Sherman.


Playing the Game

Each turn alternatively one player shuffles the deck of cards and the opponent draws a unit. The owner of the unit should decide between the following actions :

  1. Move : in any direction not further than the move range (in order to attack or to hide)
  2. Fire : on an enemy unit in line of sight
  3. Move and fire : move not further than half the move range and fire afterwards with a range penalty equal to the full move range
  4. Defend : increases the defend value of the unit with one until the unit moves (up to 3 additional defend points can be cumulated)
Use a tape graduated in distance units to measure move and fire ranges. The terrain type limits the movement of particular troups. For example, infantry and amphibian vehicles don't require a bridge to cross a river, but other vehicles do.

When firing, a laser beam is used to determine if the target unit is in the line of sight of the attacking unit. The attacker then rolls a 6-sided dice while the opponent searches for the defending unit in the deck of cards. The effective fire range is the fire range of the attacking unit (anti-personnel or anti-tank depending on the target) minus the defend value of the target, plus the dice result. If the target is within effective range, it is destroyed. A piece of cotton simulates the smoke plume of the burning unit and its card is removed from the deck.

Victory is obtained when all enemy units are destroyed or when the opponent surrenders.


Create Combat Cards

Create and print combat cards with the Combat Card Creator.


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